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Different Ways to Use Private Jet Travel

Oct 01, 2014

Private jets are can be utilized in more ways than you might imagine. In this blog we explain a few strategies in which you can use private jets. One of the most common uses of private jets is for business travel. However, many people use private jet travel can for pleasure, others may use it for medical emergencies, and even humanitarian efforts. Read More

Packing Tips for Private Jet Travel

Sep 30, 2014

When planning what to bring for a trip on a private aircraft, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, there is not much capacity for large carry-on bags inside the cabin of a private aircraft. Another thing to consider is the type of luggage you plan to bring. You may want to avoid using luggage with a hard exterior, because this type of luggage can be difficult to fit within the designated luggage compartment of the aircraft. Read More

Privé Jets wins a Prestigious World Travel Award

Sep 24, 2014

Hallandale, FL -- Sept. 24 -- Privé Jets has been voted ‘South America’s Leading Private Jet Charter’ at the 2014 World Travel Awards. Each year, the World Travel Awards recognizes the best organizations in the travel industry. Privé Jets gained its recognition for exceeding its clients’ expectations and continually raising the standards of their service offering. Read More

Understanding One-Way Charter Flights

Sep 23, 2014

One-way flights, also known as empty legs, can offer you significant savings on private air travel. In order for aircraft owners to avoid the pointless expense of flying an empty aircraft, they often sell these empty leg flights at significantly reduced costs. Read More

What is an Airport Fixed Base Operator?

Sep 22, 2014

Fixed Base Operators (FBO’s), are private jet terminals located on the grounds of an airport. FBO’s provide a wide range of services ranging from aircraft fueling, parking, maintenance, flight training, and de-icing. Simply put, an FBO is the aircraft equivalent of a full-service gas station. Read More

Airport Slots in Europe

Sep 11, 2014

Most European airports are heavily congested, and require a slot reservation system. The busiest airports in Europe are London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, the Frankfurt Airport and the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport. Read More

The Masters Golf Tournament

Sep 10, 2014

The Masters is one of the four major tournaments played each year in men’s professional golf. The Masters Golf Tournament is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. This event attracts domestic and international flights to the tournament location. Read More

The Super Bowl

Sep 09, 2014

The Super Bowl is one of the busiest times for general aviation. Days leading up to the big game, the FAA will implement the use of a slot reservation system at airports closest to where the event is being held. Read More

Aspen Airport Slots

Sep 08, 2014

Nestled in the shadow of the majestic Colorado Rockies, the Aspen Airport sits at 7,815 feet above sea level. From December to January, the FAA requires that the airport operate on a reserved airport slot system for departures and arrivals. Read More

Airport Slots in North America

Sep 05, 2014

Airports in the United States rarely operate on a slot reservation system, because of the large number of executive and commercial airports. The FAA will only require U.S. airports to implement a slot reservation system during busy travel seasons and special events. Read More

Airport Slots for Business Aviation

Sep 04, 2014

An airport slot is the permission for aircraft to land and takeoff at a particular time and date. The way in which slots are reserved can differ depending on the destination, especially during high seasons and special event periods. Read More

Island of Nevis

Sep 02, 2014

Explore the tranquil island of Nevis. This small island is well known for its ecotourism, rain forests, hot springs, historical monuments, and natural beauty. Read More

Island of St. Kitts

Aug 29, 2014

St. Kitts is known for its vibrant capital, historical attractions, and lively beach life. No matter what your interests are, when you visit St. Kitts you will be sure to have an unforgettable encounter with nature. Read More

St. Kitts and Nevis

Aug 28, 2014

The twin-island nation of St Kitts and Nevis offer golden-white sand and intriguing black sand beaches, beautiful volcanic mountain ranges, and plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Read More

Privé Jets Featured on Larry King's In View Show

Aug 28, 2014

(August 28, 2014 - Hallandale, FL): Privé Jets was featured on a special edition episode of In View, which aired on the Fox Business Network, Saturday, August 30, 2014. The program featured Privé Jets' top management discussing innovations within the private aviation industry. Read More

Experience the Excitement of 'Oriental Las Vegas'

Aug 27, 2014

Discover Macau, which is commonly referred to as the ‘Oriental Las Vegas.’ The tourism at this destination is based largely around gambling, with numerous resort casinos. Macau also offers a rich blend of Chinese and European architecture and culture. Read More

Discover Luxurious Treehouse Living in Seychelles

Aug 05, 2014

Northeast of Madagascar, and in the heart of the Indian Ocean lies the Republic of Seychelles, a serene archipelago nation of 155 islands. Its islands are filled with stunning hideaways, beach retreats, and enchanting coves. Read More

Explore Private Seaside Villages in the Dominican Republic

Jul 31, 2014

On the eastern shore of the Dominican Republic, lies Cap Cana, an exclusive gated community located in the region of Punta Cana. This tropical destination includes three miles of white sand beaches, a protected harbor marina and an award-winning golf course. Cap Cana is a multi-use luxury resort and real estate community that caters to all types of occasions including: high-profile events, lavish weddings, and romantic getaways. Read More

Exclusive Travel Destinations

Jul 30, 2014

We have decided to share our insider knowledge on a few of the world's most luxurious destinations. Our next series of blogs will feature a few awe-inspiring travel destinations we are certain will give you an experience of a lifetime. Read More

Flying Private gives You Peace of Mind

Jul 29, 2014

Safety and security are another significant reason why many individuals are switching to private jet travel. Private jet travel provides a measure of safety, and security that commercial airlines cannot. On a private jet, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a fellow commercial passenger posing a threat to you or your loved ones. You only share the aircraft with the people you invite on the aircraft. Read More

Private Aviation offers Exceptional Comfort and Entertainment

Jul 28, 2014

Professional and luxury treatment is what you will get when you choose private aviation travel. First class commercial accommodations are a mere taste of what private jets have to offer. Private aviation allows you to travel luxuriously in the private jet of your choice. With private jet travel, the passengers receive individualized attention, and exceptional amenities. Read More

Flying Private Increases Your Productivity

Jul 25, 2014

In addition to moving faster and saving time, a private aircraft can be used as a productivity tool. Flying private gives you the opportunity to make your trip as productive as you would like with the ability to conduct business, relax or spend quality time with your family. Read More

Customize Your Travel Experience

Jul 24, 2014

Private jets don’t operate on a strict schedule, but offer a tailored itinerary to fit your needs. Whether you need to book a flight a few hours before takeoff, or modify your itinerary during inclement weather, private jets allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your schedule by getting you closer to your destination in a shorter time. Read More

Flying Private Saves You Time

Jul 23, 2014

When you fly commercial you are expected to arrive several hours before your scheduled flight so that you can have your baggage checked, make it through a long security line, and rush through the busy terminal just to make it to your gate in enough time to board your flight. On the other hand, flying private can virtually add back hours to your day by reducing the amount of time you would have wasted with commercial aviation. Read More

Benefits of Flying Private

Jul 22, 2014

Today’s commercial flying experience is becoming increasingly inconvenient and more complicated, especially for travelers who value their time. When time is critical, nothing compares to the convenience and flexibility of private jet travel. Read More

Privé Jets Earns a Position on the Inc. 5000 List Third Year in a Row

Sep 04, 2013

Florida-based jet charter brokerage is poised to become a leader in global travel. (September 4, 2013 – Hallandale, FL): Privé Jets, a leading global provider of private aviation and on-demand jet charters, has landed on the 2013 Inc. 5000 list for the third consecutive year. Privé Jets is a jet charter brokerage firm with a worldwide network, offering luxury services to top clientele. Read More

Private Air Charter – Luxury or Necessity?

Jun 19, 2012

Since owning a private aircraft requires high maintenance costs, chartering private jets have become the most effective and functional alternative for air travel. Practical, fast, and comfortable – these words describe the popular way to fly for exclusive national and international travelers. With just a call, you can specify the aircraft type and destination, and within hours you can have a private plane on a runway, ready to carry passengers within or outside the country. Read More

Despega con Prepago la Aviación Ejecutiva

Apr 16, 2012

Atrae a usuarios viajar sin gastar en adquirir y mantener un avión. Participar en un programa de propiedad compartida ya no es la única forma de acceder a la aviación ejecutiva. Las tarjetas de prepago se han convertido en una de las herramientas favoritas de las empresas de este sector para explorar nuevos mercados. Aunque enfocados en distintos segmentos, los programas de Icare Aviation, Privé Jets y Aerolíneas Ejecutivas, que consisten en la adquisición de una tarjeta prepagada, destacan por ofrecer mayor flexibilidad y/o menor costo en comparación con otras opciones. Read More

Magnates de Alas Propias

May 24, 2011

En casi 10 años se ha duplicado el número de jets privados en América Latina. Un mercado que crece con las grandes fortunas. “Imagínese a Madonna en un aeropuerto”, dice Isaac Grimberg, CEO de la estadounidense Privé Jets para América Latina. “Colapsaría”. Sin duda, la diva del pop no podría realizar sus extensas giras mundiales viajando en business, lo cual es extensivo a los presidentes, altos mandos políticos y militares y CEO de grandes compañías. No es cuestión de lujo u ostentación, sino también de seguridad, privacidad y eficiencia. “Es mucho más rentable tener a un ejecutivo volando en un jet donde puede ir trabajando, que tenerlo esperando en un aeropuerto comercial donde pierde por lo menos tres horas”, dice Grimberg. Read More

Privé Jets to Fly Top Tennis Pros Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to Historic Colombia Exhibition Match

Mar 18, 2011

Privé Jets, a leading global provider of private aviation and jet charters, announced today that it has been selected as the official jet charter of the BANCOLOMBIA exhibition tennis match NADAL VS DJOKOVIC PRESENTED BY COMCEL – a historic event that brings two of the world’s top-three ranked tennis players to Colombia for the first time to compete in a tournament there. Read More

Private Jet Empty Legs

Mar 05, 2009

60% of the time, private jets fly without any passengers on board, Jets usually drop one client in point A and pick up the next one in point B. The distance from point A to point B could be a short hope like Miami to Ft. Lauderdale but it can also be a larger one like New York to Los Angeles. These flights without any passengers on board are called Empty Legs. Read More

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) for private aviation

Mar 02, 2009

Are you planning a trip to the United States and don’t know if you need a visa? Pay attention because you might be able to book a jet and travel without one as long as your country is one of the 35 participants of the program. Read More

Coast to Coast Jet Charters

Aug 22, 2008

The Tri-State area and Southern California are the busiest hubs for private jet travel. Coast to Coast jet charter flights have seen a tremendous increase in volume in the past couple of years thanks to the increase of one-way flight availability in Super Mid jets that are able to go non-stop between these destinations. Read More

Tips for your Next Jet Charter

Aug 18, 2008

When flying on a light jet make sure you ask if the jet has an enclose lavatory or a partial lavatory. Partial lavatories use a curtain making the lavatory less private. Read More