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News / PR July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

Flying Private gives You Peace-of-Mind

Safety and security are another significant reason why many individuals are switching to private jet travel. Private jet travel provides a measure of safety, and security that commercial airlines cannot. On a private jet, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a fellow commercial passenger posing a threat to you or your loved ones. You only share the aircraft with the people you invite on the aircraft.

Your safety is a top priority when you fly private. Almost all private aviation manufacturers exceed the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The pilots that fly the private jets have been through vigorous training programs at the nation’s top flight training facilities and possess thousands of hours of experience. You can be guaranteed that your aircraft operators are safe, professional, and reliable.

When you fly private your luggage is guaranteed to arrive with you. You can travel with your special belongings such as instruments, sports gear, or bring your pet in the cabin. You don’t run the risk of having your luggage lost or stolen, as you might by flying on a commercial airline. In addition, private aviation also allows you to keep your itinerary discreet, which can be very important to both business and personal travelers. Ultimately, flying private means peace-of-mind that you, your loved ones, and your belongings will fly safely to your destination, making private jet travel the most convenient way to fly today.

July 28, 2014

Private Aviation offers Exceptional Comfort and Entertainment

Professional and luxury treatment is what you will get when you choose private aviation travel. First class commercial accommodations are a mere taste of what private jets have to offer. Private aviation allows you to travel luxuriously in the private jet of your choice. With private jet travel, the passengers receive individualized attention, and exceptional amenities. When you fly private, you can be certain that you will arrive at your destination rested and ready for your business meeting or well-deserved vacation.

Depending on the size of aircraft for your trip, you can request personalized amenities including full bars, gourmet meals, and in-flight entertainment. You can also request to have flight attendants. If you insist on the very best, the luxury private jets can be furnished to your specifications. Private aircraft offer almost every luxury and amenity of a home. The most common amenities in private jets are flat-screen or pop-up televisions, Wi-Fi capability and swing arms between seats. However, some private jets now also provide extras like cashmere throws, gold-plated fixtures, and Ferrari leather.

In addition to incomparable comfort offered on a private jet, you can also expect to have exceptional in flight entertainment. Unlike commercial airlines, you aren’t limited to the single video played overhead as the in flight entertainment. Depending on your aircraft, you can choose from the selection of movies the private jet has on board, or you can use your laptop to view movies. Although you can use your laptop to watch movies on most commercial flights, you generally don’t have access to a power outlet. On a private jet, you are able to watch a movie or work on your laptop, all while charging the battery, so it is ready to go when you land.

July 25, 2014

Flying Private Increases Your Productivity

In addition to moving faster and saving time, a private aircraft can be used as a productivity tool. Flying private gives you the opportunity to make your trip as productive as you would like with the ability to conduct business, relax or spend quality time with your family.

It’s easier to get work done in the air when you fly private. Most private aircraft have Wi-Fi systems, laptop connections, and offer the ability to conduct face-to-face meetings en route to further increase efficiency. Although these accommodations may also be available in first class on a commercial airliner, they also come with regulations and the risk of having your confidential conversations overheard by those seated around you.

When you fly private, you have the freedom to work in a comfortable, secure environment without interruptions. The private environment of a private aircraft encourages collaboration and allows for secure conversation. Moreover, the gain in productivity you receive by flying private exceeds its cost and makes it more financially feasible.

July 24, 2014

Customize Your Travel Experience

As we’ve noted before, time saving is one of the most significant reasons for choosing private air travel. The flexibility that private aviation offers is another reason why private jet travelers are able to experience this time saving benefit. Private jets don’t operate on a strict schedule, but offer a tailored itinerary to fit your needs. Whether you need to book a flight a few hours before takeoff, or modify your itinerary during inclement weather, private jets allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your schedule by getting you closer to your destination in a shorter time.

Private aviation allows you to be more prepared when the unexpected happens. Unlike commercial airlines, private planes can be available at a few hours notice, and it is possible to change flights in mid-flight. Private jets are usually designed to fly and climb faster than airliners. Private jets don’t need to compete with bigger planes for space, which puts them above the traffic making their routes more direct. The extra flexibility also lets the jets capture better winds and avoid inclement weather.

As a private jet traveller, you are more in control of the flight. This control gives you the flexibility to visit multiple cities, or visit more than one client in the same business day. Moreover, private jet travel allows you to schedule ground transportation that will wait for your arrival in close proximity to the runway. When taking all of these benefits into account, you will understand why more executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals are choosing private jet travel over the inconvenience of commercial airline travel.

July 23, 2014

Flying Private Saves you Time

When you fly commercial you are expected to arrive several hours before your scheduled flight so that you can have your baggage checked, make it through a long security line, and rush through the busy terminal just to make it to your gate in enough time to board your flight. On the other hand, flying private can virtually add back hours to your day by reducing the amount of time you would have wasted with commercial aviation.

So, how exactly does private jet travel save you time? Private jets offer you the ability to choose flight times that best fit your schedule, giving you more control of your time from the start. Private jets also have more access to airports worldwide than commercial airlines. This access allows you to land in airports closest to your destination, which reduces your ground transportation time. Additionally, you almost never have to deal with cancelled flights, missed connections, or layovers. If you are running late, the plane can wait for you.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, on a private jet you will start your trip relaxed knowing that you can arrive in as few as 15 minutes before departure, board your private aircraft, have a personal flight crew take care of your luggage, and have all security procedures handled quickly and easily. While on board, you have the freedom to relax, conduct business, or enjoy time with your family. When you arrive at your destination, you will feel refreshed and ready to go.

July 22, 2014

Benefits of Flying Private

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Today’s commercial flying experience is becoming increasingly inconvenient and more complicated, especially for travelers who value their time. When time is critical, nothing compares to the convenience and flexibility of private jet travel. When you fly private, you avoid spending hours per flight in security lines, connections, checking-in, or waiting for your luggage. Additionally, you have the ability to choose flight times that best fit your schedule, you can access more airports, and even visit multiple cities in one day.

It’s no surprise that private aviation is the most convenient way to travel compared to commercial. The following series of blogs will provide you with a closer look at the value of private jet travel.

February 13, 2014

Prive Jets featured on 21st Century Television to discuss their affordable Private Jet Chartering.

Boca Raton, FL (February 13, 2014) — MMP (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that Prive Jets will be airing on 21st Century Television on the Fox Business Network (as paid programming.),  on CNBC (as paid programming.), and on Bloomberg International.

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September 4, 2013

Privé Jets Earns a Position on the Inc. 5000 List Third Year in a Row

Florida-based jet charter brokerage is poised to become a leader in global travel.

(September 4, 2013 – Hallandale, FL) Privé Jets, a leading global provider of private aviation and on-demand jet charters, has landed on the 2013 Inc. 5000 list for the third consecutive year.  Privé Jets is a jet charter brokerage firm with a worldwide network, offering luxury services to top clientele.

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June 19, 2012

Private Air Charter – Luxury or Necessity?

Since owning a private aircraft requires high maintenance costs, chartering private jets have become the most effective and functional alternative for air travel.

Practical, fast, and comfortable – these words describe the popular way to fly for exclusive national and international travelers. With just a call, you can specify the aircraft type and destination, and within hours you can have a private plane on a runway, ready to carry passengers within or outside the country.

Those awkward lines to check-in and dragging your luggage around the airport are no longer necessary thanks to service companies such as ours that allow for easy private jet charter. But beyond the obvious reasons of wanting to avoid airports for senior executives worldwide, chartering a private plane or charter flight has become an option that helps them save money and especially time.

“If a manager needs to review three factories in one day on a commercial airline, it would be impossible to do so due to stop, controls, and other delays. The question is, how much is their time worth? On a private flight, for example, they can accomplish video-conferences and boardroom meetings, which means that the time for productivity is not lost.” This is what Isaac Grimberg explains, CEO of Privé Jets – a service company for private flights with global coverage.

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April 16, 2012

Despega con Prepago la Aviación Ejecutiva

Atrae a usuarios viajar sin gastar en adquirir y mantener un avión

Participar en un programa de propiedad compartida ya no es la única forma de acceder a la aviación ejecutiva. Las tarjetas de prepago se han convertido en una de las herramientas favoritas de las empresas de este sector para explorar nuevos mercados. Aunque enfocados en distintos segmentos, los programas de Icare Aviation, Privé Jets y Aerolíneas Ejecutivas, que consisten en la adquisición de una tarjeta prepagada, destacan por ofrecer mayor flexibilidad y/o menor costo en comparación con otras opciones.

Despega con prepago la aviación ejecutiva

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